NFWL | Artist Profile | Luisa Tora

Home Video still

Ttitle – Home Videos

Home Videos is an attempt to question and disrupt mainstream ‘imaging and imaginings’ (Hassan, 2000) of the lesbian Aotearoa New Zealand citizen.

The short film follows in one day three lesbians of Māori and Pacific heritage who live and love outside central Auckland.

Home Video’s framing and pace insist that you consider a sub-culture within the LGBTIQ community that is rarely represented in Aotearoa New Zealand’s mass media.

This is an exercise in ‘building my own archive’, a model of documentation and validation proposed by feminist Pacific scholar and poet, Dr Teresia Teaiwa.

Luisa Tora is a final year BA Creative Arts (Visual Arts) student at the Faculty of Creative Arts, Manukau Institute of Technology. She is a multi-disciplinary creative, an activist, and a writer.

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