NFWL | Artist Profile | Mimita Kiripati


Title – Poly-Afro (2014)
This series is an extension from my last series ‘Poly-Afro’ (2013).  With my (2013) series it was about self identity and its journey of self discovery.  This (2014) series represents the celebration of who I am.

Each day I am discovering more and more about myself, things that are both good and bad, but yet they both make me who I am.  In its own way these new discoveries have empowered me each day as I roll on with life, giving me confidence in who I am and what I do, no matter what societies opinions are about who and what I should and shouldn’t be or do.

To have music and art be infused in the celebration of this (2014) series makes the journey that much more exciting, and with that I can’t help but be ready to embrace the many more journeys that are still to come.

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