NFWL | Artist Profile | Mahia Jermaine Dean


Title – Hear, See, Feel, Evil

Originally from Te Aroha, Mahia Jermaine Dean is now based in Auckland where he is currently attending the Raffles College of Commerce and Design, completing a diploma in photography and design specialising in post-production and image manipulation.

As a young openly gay Maori man – Dean’s emerging practice examines the duality of his sexual identity.  Dean’s work is influenced heavily by social dislocation and shows many of his photo subjects in hyper-real and fantasy like environments.

Mahia Jermaine Dean

This series of images is about 3 different transgenders posing as 3 different fictional characters. I wanted to look at their influence on men as a transgendered person. With many young trans people it is common for some men to ‘use and abuse’ them.

The woman in this work are driven by an alluring sex appeal that men sometimes take advantage of. This series draws on the senses of sound, sight and touch, using these elements to assert power and dominance over men who seek to use them.
Mahia Jermaine Dean
These characters were developed with trans friends who shared their experience in trying to navigate their way with males. It pays tribute to the Mana and strength of our fierce trans divas of today.

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