Pasefika LGBTQI communities are often invisible to the mainstream consciousness. No Fruit Without Labour showcases the work of artist labouring away in isolation. FAFSWAG brings their narratives together to paint a distinct portrait of modern Pasefika LGBTQI life in New Zealand.

Based on the art of story telling the following artist have created and interpreted a modern Pacific landscape through their respective art practices. This landscape is diverse and constantly shifting. No Fruit Without Labour reflects the way in which we capture and record our experiences and relay them back to our communities.


 FAFSWAG would like to thank all of our Artist for their involvement in this event.  Your hard work and personal stories will continue to challenge and engage our Pasefika communities into the future.

Thank you to our generous and supportive sponsors for your investment in local New Zealand, Pasefika arts. This event would not have been possible without your visionary support.

Thank you to our Pasefika LGBTQI community for your continued inspiration.

Special Thanks

Mahia Jermaine Dean

Tanu Gago

Mimita Kiripati

Adrian McBirney

Molly Rangiwai McHale

Tony Tia

Luisa Tora


Auckland PRIDE Festival


The Love Life Fono Committee

Pitt Street Methodist Church

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