Congrats to the Houses that placed in this year’s Ball. The House of Fatale who came, slayed and conquered the ballroom floor. The House of Shade and The House of Kweenz that defended their 2013 titles with fierceness and some lols.

Judging this competition has been a huge responsibility, one that I don’t envy our judges for having to perform. While the rulings are final, they are indicative of the panel of judges we assembled. Outside of these rulings are everyone’s personal preferences and choices of who they think deserved to take home certain titles. When I consider the incredibly high standard of performance served on the floor this year, each House, in our opinion deserves their own rewards.


The house of PRISM gave the performance of their life. As the Youngest contenders of the Ball they held their own against some epic competition and should be proud of their confidence to take on older, more seasoned performers. In an instance we saw the House of PRISM explode from their underdog status and cement their place as formidable contenders for the FAFSWAG BALL. Your fearlessness gave us the most life and showed the most ‘HEART’ of any of the houses that performed.


The House of Monarchy took many hits to their team with some behind the scenes challenges but despite this still TURNT UP and refused to let this stop them from giving it their all. For a first time house it took courage and conviction to go first on the floor. But you opened the fafswag ball categories with energy and life every time. Setting the tempo for all the houses that followed.

house of diva's

Our SouthSide Houses, Divas and Dynasty embody for us the SouthSide spirit and for me epitomise what the FAFSWAG brand is all about, Confidence, Swag, Beauty, Sexiness and Attitude. This ball would have been nothing if not for our SouthSide Sisters. There are definitely categories that could have easily gone your way. Our Ghetto Fabulous Butch Queens served Drag Diva Realness every time you took the floor. We’re proud to say yous gave some of our favourite and most memorable performances of the night.

And so here we are. Our judges made rulings which we respect.

But here are our honourable mentions and some of our selects and faves from the FAFSWAG BALL.

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