On the surface the FAFSWAG BALL offers some glitzy appeal for people looking to escape their realities for an evening. The event now in it’s third year has always managed to deliver on something unique and surprising. The energy in the room is high octane and the talent on the floor is almost always turnt up to stun, shock, inspire, and amaze.

But the flip side of this is a lot of un-glamorous and unpaid hustle for our volunteer committee of ten who are passionate about making sure we’re able to offer our community the space to be free and express themselves. For us it’s all about the lighting and creating a quality event that lets those of our community that want to SHINE, the right shadows and mood lighting to be able to blow away our judges and audience when they bring their unique creations to the floor and slay our categories to death…

Unfortunately in the real world that means money. This year we wanted to see if we could lean on our community and supporters to help us out. We have some boring costs involved that we need help with. In the real world they call this scabbing , but here at fafswag we like to call it fundraising.

So please, check out our PLEDGE ME campaign and show some love for our growing Poly Vogue community. There are some pretty great rewards up for grabs and we the team would be grateful for the chance to pay for some decent lighting for our performers.



  1. Kia ora

    I know what it’s like to fundraise!! Its hard work and sometimes we need to rely on the generosity of our communities; I’m trying to do a pledge for you however the link does not seem to work, Ive copied and pasted into my browser but nothing as of yet.

    I think you all do a great job for the community. I am one who has attended a “ball” in Atlanta Georgia in 1989 just before Paris is Burning was released by documentary director Jennie Livingston who I had the privilege of meeting, the event was high energy and what you’re doing for our communities reflects this.

    I am the Chair for our Transgender Ball which is to be held at SKYCITY in May 2016 it is an R18 event due to alcohol liquor licensing but the community is most welcome. Could you let me know when you are planning the next FAFSWAG event, perhaps my committee MAY be able to help, if not this year then definitely next year. The main face book page for our ball is:

    I will pass your email on through my networks and push for someone to help you out financially if I can. I hope this helps.

    Kindest Regards

    Kia ora – Na.

    Roxanne| Peoples-Henare|

    Ph Cell: 0274284910 Home: 09 5746729 Work: 09 3074949 ext 27933# Wrk Email:

    Hme Email:

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