Recent shows curated by Tanu Gago, Kirsty Ashleigh, Michael Lett, Rainbow Youth have refocused the need for LGTBQI artists and writers to continue to critically engage with the ways in which we are represented to ourselves and to others.

Curated by Steve Lovett this exhibition brings together Rainbow artist throughout the country to offer up a snap shot of where contemporary rainbow arts has arrived in 2015.

In response to the recent emergence of queer / rainbow narratives that have been expressed through curatorial offerings from both the mainstream and the fringes of New Zealand’s contemporary art scenes – This exhibition is a collection of artist practicing in varying capacities throughout the industry.

The one concurrent theme throughout these artistic experiences is the representational politics of identity that still moderate and negotiate visibility for this group still largely invisible within the modern social and cultural architecture of NZ.


FAFSWAG Artist Tanu Gagao and Pati Solomona Tyrell were offered the opportunity to include their voices within the fabric of this show. Other indigenous artist include Molly Rangiwai McHale, Leuli Eshraghi, Luisa Tora and many more.

The exhibition opens November 25, 6.00pm at Rm Gallery (First floor 307 K’Road Newton (entrance on Samoa House Lane of Beresford Street) and Runs until December 12, 4:00pm


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