Don’t sleep on the TPPA – this affects your future.


TPPA Blockade saw Auckland CBD occupied by thousands of New Zealanders marching and protesting the signing of the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement. FAFSWAG was there to document this historical moment and to march in solidarity with our fellow citizens opposing the TPPA.

The impacts of this agreement will probably and almost exclusively impact the lives of those most disadvantaged and living in the poorest regions of the country. Let’s be real… we all know who those people are.

When speaking with protester and Pacific writer Manu Vaea he expressed his views for the fellow Pacific youth that stood side-lined while the march took place using the protest as a selfie backdrop. I thought this sentiment spoke volumes about Poly youth today.

With that said. We’re all capable of making a difference. It usually starts with giving a fuck, followed by being informed. Here’s a site where you can grab some factual insights into the issues and how they impact your life.

Considering the relationship Pasifika LGBT communities have to protest and social disruption, as a means of driving social justice and equality it seems surprising how disinterested we still seem when it comes to the wider issues that affect our lives. Something to think about while you enjoy the PRIDE festival.

Don’t sleep on the TPPA – this affects your future.

Photographs by Pati Solomona Tyrell.

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