IGNITE |Performing Arts Workshops

Here is a line up of young Pacific Arts practitioners sharing their skills and experience. This week at Mangere East Metro Theatre you can catch Jaycee Tanuvasa, Darren Taniue, Maxine Etuati, Sam Samau and Isaac Ah Kiong share space and present a custom series of free performing arts workshops. This includes five different genres, Movement & Dance, Physical Thatre, Contemporary, Pacific Fusion, Hip Hop and Vogue.

This team of P.I.P.A graduates have featured in various stage, film and dance projects over the past years and have an impressive portfolio of performing arts work, both collectively and also as individual arts practitioners.

We got a chance to colab with these artist to design their promotional images for the workshop. We really happy with the results. We’re also really excited by these passionate artist and what they have to share with the community. So make sure you get out there to be part of what looks like a fun workshop series. We’ll definitely be there. x




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