FAFSWAG Artist Manu Vaea is an interdisciplinary artist that works in performance poetry and cultural activation. Among his many talents he is also an exceptional writer and illustrator. He likes to keep most situations really humble but you wouldn’t think that about his writing. it’s sharp and piercing and really not keen on apologies. lol His voice as an artist is one we’ve embraced into the collective as the perfect blend of critical guinsoo surgery and salty observational humour.

In March Manu will be joining his performance trio WITCH BITCH – including artist Sione Monu and Pati Solomona Tyrell for their first exhibition together at enjoy Public Art Gallery in Wellington. This is gonna be a mix of synchronized 3 channel video instillation and activation. .

This month Manu’s work will be featured in the stage production Loud & Queer for this years Auckland PRIDE Festival. We’re really excited to be sharing space with this hot production during Basement Theaters PRIDE season. FEMSLICK and LOUD & QUEER are garunteed to be the perfect solution to social sensory deporvation and Aucklands zzzzZZ night life. Make sure you come check out both shows as we share space and f*ck it up together.


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