‘Botanical Badassery 2017’ FAFSWAG x HŌHUA


Macmillan Brown Centre for Pacific Studies, 2018 Artist in Residence Tanu Gago presents ‘Botanical Badassery’ FAFSWAG x HŌHUA, a pop-up exhibition of recent photographic work by local Christchurch based artist Hōhua Ropate Kurene. Created in 2017 in collaboration with members of the FAFSWAG Arts Collective; a Queer Indigenous collective of artist, performers, digital storytellers and members of the Auckland ballroom scene.

Presented at the University of Canterbury Library over the summer of 2018, this one off public presentation will showcase large scale digital portraits of Artist Akashi Fisi’inau (Queen Kapussi), Moe Laga (Mistress), Jermaine Dean (Khaos) and Pati Solomona Tyrell (Tamatoa) taken at the Christchurch botanical garden.

These works share a deeply personal response to the presence of Queer Indigenous Identities within Christchurch. Originally presented online via the artists IG, these works were also accompanied by written responses to the collective during the group exhibition ‘Making Space’ – curated by Khye Hitchcock and presented at Christchurch Centre of Contemporary Art – COCA in 2017. The original image text is featured here courtesy of the artist.

Thank you to the team at the Macmillan Brown Centre of Pacific Studies and the University of Canterbury for your support. Special thanks to Lydia Baxendell, Sharon Murphy, Steven Ratuva and all the Faculty and staff for all your help and warm hosting over my short stay at macmillan Brown.