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FAFSWAG presents Xhrome Xhrysalis. Curated by artist Akashi Fisi’inaua AKA Queen Kapussi. 

This one off interdisciplinary curatorial project is designed through the premise of digital spaces for indigenous queer artist of colour. The evening presents fashion, music, installation, activation and live performance. Headlined by iconic Pacific Sister Rosanna Raymond and featuring a number of Auckland’s hottest live acts and upcoming Poly instigators, activators and artist. This is an R18 event

“Xhrome Xhrysalis is a curatorial project that provides a safe space for queer and trans POC folk to see themselves sonically, aesthetically and digitally represented during Pride. A space for up and coming artists and established and seasoned practitioners to link, connect, collaborate and network. Removing the middleman and providing a space for these conversations to happen as artists.

The name ‘Xhrome Xhrysalis’ is originally spelt ‘Chrome Chrysalis’, and a chrysalis is the cocoon a caterpillar forms for itself before it transforms into a butterfly.  I removed the C and replaced it with an X, because two Xs make a female chromosome. So this honours feminine energy within a physical and spiritual aspect, of a transformation.”

Emmaline Matagi | Guest writer | THE SPINOFF | FEBRUARY 7, 2018

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