Welcome to FAFSWAG’S Rainbow Pacific workshop series for our Pacific LGBTQI young people. Join us for a series of six custom workshops tailored to give you a taste of the creative life. From performing arts to learning to vogue and creating your own Zines. Come and have some fun with the team and pick up some fun skills along the way.


We love collecting odd bits of Pacific print paraphernalia. Over the years we’ve stock piled some great zines and comics made by local artist, and some from across the ditch. Wouldn’t it be great  to get start working on your own zine? Well that’s what we though.

We’ve all got stories to tell. We wanna kick it with you guys and make some zines and get some of those stories out of our system. Zines are a great form of self publishing that lets you flex your creative ideas in a visually interesting way. Come through and lets get crafty with some A4 and a pair of scissors.

  • TIME:  Day1) 1pm – 4pm /  Day2)10am – 12pm
  • DATE: Thursday 17 September / Thursday 24 September
  • VENUE: Faculty of Creative Arts M.I.T,150 Lovegrove Crescent, Otara, Manukau, Auckland



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