FAFSWAG IS COMING TO VISIT AUNTY OLGA! it’s going to be a gay old time where SOUTH AUKILANI meets lil old HAMILTRON and it will be good.

Sharing their voices and experience with us all and with the local rainbow young people here in Kirikiriroa Hamilton, there will be a whole lot of family love to go around. WaQuy (Waikato Queer Youth) and other surprise artists will join us whether physically or via their art works. Food and non-alcoholic refreshments will fill your belly, and the talks will fill your minds and hearts. 

FAFSWAG is an artistic intervention of queer Moana peoples who make critical visual documentary images and performance art as a vehicle to present their work to the public in a way that counters the gaze of both the Christianised Pacific and the West. Theirs is an unapologeticallyfa’afa position that is based in South Auckland but speaks universally using the language of art.

Also later in the evening, you’re invited to join everyone who wants to go, to STATIC bar where our local beauty Kuini, Tumai Hope hosts JUICY FRUITS and they’re calling their night FRIGAY 13TH (MAY)! we will give you directions. 

Title – Aitu 2016

Photographer – Pati Solomona Tyrell