Sangeeta Singh | When Can I See You Again?

FAFSWAG has been given the opportunity to speak with the artist from the group exhibition entitled ‘When Can I See You Again?’ opening on the 16th of February at FRESH Gallery Otara as part of the 2017 Auckland PRIDE Festival. We got to ask the artist some questions about their workand the show. Check out this Q&A with Sangeeta Singh


What is your name and how do you identify?

Sangeeta Singh – Fijian/Indian Queer, Lesbian, Artist, Dreamer.

What is the title of your work and what was your intention for this work?

Title: ‘ You’ll find me in shallow waters Dive deep’

I want to represent, explore, and celebrate Fijian/Indian queer identity through my work. Water, particularly the ocean and the Nakelo river that I grew up with, is important and central for me and  my practice.

Please tell us about the show and what it means to you

I am excited, inspired, challenged, and encouraged to be exhibiting alongside strong, grounded queer artists; especially my best friends, Molly Rangiwai-McHale and Luisa Tora. I appreciate the opportunity to speak to my truth in a safe space.

What is your relationship to the artists involved in this show?

We’re all friends, some newer than others, but friends nonetheless with shared experiences even though we come from different ethnic and regional backgrounds.  They’ve become part of my Auckland family, and I look forward to sharing our conversation with you.

What is the significance of hosting this show at FRESH Gallery Otara?

I started practising at the ‘Epeli Hau’ofa-founded Oceania Centre for Arts and Culture at the University of the South Pacific Laucala Bay Campus. When I first came to Aotearoa New Zealand, my friend and another Oceania Centre artist, Ema Tavola was the Pacific Art Coordinator at Fresh Gallery Otara. Fresh then became a home away from home for me. Ema always believed in my work and provided space for my voice. So Fresh is always a safe space for me, and I look forward to exhibiting my new work here.

What can people expect from this exhibition?

Honest reflections on our lives and experiences, an insight into the queer female space, and some excellent artwork.

Opening Night
6pm, Thursday 16 February, Fresh Gallery Ōtara
Free bus to and from Opening Night
6pm pick-up from outside Family Bar on K’Road.
Exhibition runs 16 February to 25 March
Weaving Circle + Artist Talk
3-5pm, Saturday 18 March, Fresh Gallery Ōtara
Gallery opening hours
Tues-Fri 10am-5pm
Sat 8am-2pm