fafswag ball 2015






1) Formal registration can be found at our website You can register individually or as a House. 

2) All the categories are judged individually. There is no overall prize this year so any one from any house is able to take away prizes from all of the categories. Prizes will be given at the end of each category. 

3) There is no registration fee but contestants who are planning to walk must pay $5 as entry fee. Payments can be made in cash upon entry and can be paid to front of house staff as you enter. This fee is non-refundable unless you choose not to walk.  

4) Each house registration must have an official title (example HOUSE OF SHADE) and one nominated leader or mother of the house. 

5) Competitors are not permitted to perform under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The organizers reserve the right to disqualify any house and or their members that are found intoxicated or under the influence. They may also be asked to leave the premises and are excluded from the prize giving.

6) Each House must nominate one member to walk for each of the categories listed in the categories breakdown. Houses are expected to compete in all categories with the option to forfeit a maximum of one category. Forfeiting a category will result in the automatic deduction of points from your over all score.

7) All rulings are final. Judges will determine the category winners and award the spot prizes to the winner of each category. 

8) In the name of sportsmanship the contestants must conduct themselves respectfully. Any behaviour deemed disrespectful by the organizer may result in members being disqualified and asked to leave. Respect your fellow contestants and take your differences to the Ball Room Floor.

9) All contestants and their houses are accountable to the Ball Room Rules delivered on the night of the event, including time restriction and general rules. Any breaking of these rules will result in disqualification.


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