CYPRIS  – an interdisciplinary performance spoken word artist/hip hop choreographer with tongue and cheek of a sassy bulldozer, future tellin you to move over, breaking down ya barriers – what is regular?

Truth tellin bound to snatch you up, in your formulae, ticking off your boxes, getting nautious? sniping down ya negativity with a clear conscience.

No nonsense boo, straight to the point, whip ya black mirrors out, “no fats, no femmes,” No bigots – ‘boy’ you gon’ learn today… Shake you dead in your tracks, masculinity – you’ll regurgitate.

Fem Slick to me means to be able to express and debunk the blank space between genders, the blurs/distortions of the polarity between two energies in relevance to my own experience and brown-ness in a world full of caked on highlighters and extortion.



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