Like a firework in various capacities I’m visible, I interrupt and I’m inclusive. Honey I’m a passionate Youth Worker and an amazing broke Performing and creative artist. YAAAS! Amongst other things I am a dedicated Youth, Pacific and Transgender advocate & activist. With my per-usual feminine stride and the search for equality and unity, I always come through even if I have to work under an unflattering imperialist light – Elevator lighting.

Society is like Mike Tyson and we’re like the Mohamed Ali’s… can they stop biting our sh*t! I’ve always felt like us marginalised beauties have been slaying for CENTURIES with our abstract creativity and ability to stray from social norms. To have some mainstream b*tch come from pop culture to clock our gems and claim originality really presses me. “I know you don’t think a white girl made that shit up” – Clovers.

Like an underground vogue ball but in Auckland, Fem Slick is bringing you into our world. We’re a new generation. We’re bold, we’re stunt’ing and we’re claiming what is ours. Through vogue elements, runway, fashion and Coloured bodies, you’ll get taste of a particular type of gum I like to call… UNAPOLOGETIC!